Our Panelists in Monterey and other fun pictures!

The Society for the History of Navy Medicine recently participated in a Joint Conference in Monterey, California with the Naval Historical Foundation and the North American Society for Oceanic History.  The previous post discusses this conference. This one includes some pictures: 1) Executive Director Annette Finley-Croswhite (far right) with our panelists, Diane Cooper, Anthony Wilson, and Zack Mason; 2) Reception at the Casa Serrano hosted by the Naval Historical Foundation; 3) Harry Langley talking to Alex Croswhite, guest of Annette Finley-Croswhite; 4) Harry Langley and Tom Snyder out on the town in Carmel; and, 5) The titles of our papers in the program.

SHNM Panelists and Finley

SHNM and Casa Serrano

SHNM Alex C and  Harry

SHNM Harry and Tom

SHNM Monterey Program

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