Announcing the Society’s McMullen Symposium Papers Selection Board

The Society is pleased to announce the following members have volunteered to serve in selecting the best papers for presentation at the 2019 McMullen Naval History Symposium. They are:

Dale Smith, PhD. (President of the Board). Dr. Smith is Professor of Military Medicine and History at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences and Chair of that University’s Military and Emergency Medicine Committee on Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure. He is an award winning writer in medical history. His areas of interest are the history of medical education, the history of infectious diseases, the history of surgery, and the problems of patient evacuation in military operations.

Paul Berman, MD. Dr Berman is a retired Internist and a medical historian, with concentration on 19th century American medicine. He is a member of the American Association for the History of Medicine and the American Osler Society.

Mark F Leep, J.D. Mr Leep, a former Marine Corps captain, has a 25 year career in human subjects research protections and other research enterprise regulatory and operational functions as an attorney for industry drug and device sponsors, clinical research organizations, physician researchers, and academic and community health care institutions, and as an Institutional Review Board member and vice chair, consultant, and human research protections operations leader.

Under Dr Smith’s guidance, the Board will select the best of the papers submitted for presentation at the Society’s panel at the McMullen Naval History Symposium in Annapolis in September. The Board plans to announce its selections no later that 15 April.

©2019 The Society for the History of Navy Medicine


About thomaslsnyder

Retired urological surgeon and navy reservist. Writing the history of the Navy's first hospital on the U S west coast, at Mare Island, California. Founder and Executive Director, the Society for the History of Navy Medicine. Founder and Coordinator of the Albany Base Hospital No. 33 Society, a military affinity group at Albany Medical College, my alma mater. Past Commander of the San Francisco Commandery of the Naval Order of the United States and founder and past Commander of the Naval Order's "virtual" Continental Commandery. Naval Order Ship's Store manager and Assistant Treasurer General. Member of the Solano County (California) Historical Records Commission.
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