The Society at the McMullen – A Report

The 2019 McMullen Naval History Symposium, sponsored by the Department of History at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, is now done, and the Society had a very successful presence there.
First, on Friday morning, we mounted our 7th scholarly panel (and our second at the McMullen). It was well attended and very well received. Here are the players and their roles:
(l to r): Andrew Bobb, CDR, MSC, USN and USNA Faculty – “Dynamics of Early 20th Century Measles Outbreaks at USNA”; Manikarnika Dutta, D. Phil. Candidate, University of Oxford – “‘Those Wretched Souls…’ – Health and Morale of European and American Seamen in Nineteenth Century British India”Costanza Bonelli, Phd Candidate, University of Rome (La Sapienza) – “Climate, Disease, and Colonialism: The Massawa Port in the Italian Studies of Tropical Medicine”Gerald Stulc, CAPT, MC, USN (Ret.) – “Pride and Prejudice: Reforms and the Rise in Status of British Naval Surgeons During the French Republican and Napoleonic Wars (1793-1815)”; Professor Annette Finley-Croswhite, Old Dominion University, former Executive Director of the Society – Commentator; yours truly, the present Society Executive Director; RADM Fred Sanford, MC, USN (Ret.) – Session Chair. The Society awarded both Ms Dutta and Ms Bonelli its Graduate Student Travel Grant of up to $850.
On Friday evening, the Naval Historical Foundation mounted its traditional Commodore Dudley Knox Awards Banquet. The Society was on the agenda there, too, to award our prestigious Harold D Langley Book Prize for Excellence in the History of Maritime Medicine to Thomas Helling, MD, Chief of Surgery, University of Mississippi, for his 2017 book. “Desperate Surgery in the Pacific War – Doctors and Damage Control for American Wounded, 1941-1945.” The Book Prize consists of the Certificate of Award you see here, plus a check for $500. 
Thomas Helling, MD (r) Receives the 2019 Harold D Langley Book Prize for Excellence in the History of Maritime Medicine from Society Executive Director Thomas L Snyder, MC, USN (Ret.).
The Society has now established a record of collaboration with the USNA, and we plan to mount a panel or panels with each successive biennial McMullen Symposium (the next one will be in 2021). 
I am also pleased to tell you that RADM Edward “Sonny” Masso, USN (Ret.), Executive Director of the Foundation said to me (quite pointedly I should add), “This is just the beginning. We want you back every time.” 
I think it’s fair to say that we have earned a rightful place for maritime medicine in the American naval historical firmament.
©2019 The Society for the History of Navy Medicine

About thomaslsnyder

Retired urological surgeon and navy reservist. Writing the history of the Navy's first hospital on the U S west coast, at Mare Island, California. Founder and Executive Director, the Society for the History of Navy Medicine. Founder and Coordinator of the Albany Base Hospital No. 33 Society, a military affinity group at Albany Medical College, my alma mater. Past Commander of the San Francisco Commandery of the Naval Order of the United States and founder and past Commander of the Naval Order's "virtual" Continental Commandery. Naval Order Ship's Store manager and Assistant Treasurer General. Member of the Solano County (California) Historical Records Commission.
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