Society for the History of Navy Medicine Book Prize

In 2016, the Society initiated the biennial Professor Harold D Langley Book Prize in the History of Maritime Medicine. The Award honors Professor Langley, our founding Board Member and pioneer author in the history of American navy medicine. Our first awardee was Katherine Foxhall, for her 2012 book, Health, medicine and the sea – Australian Voyages c 1815-1860 (Manchester University Press). Book Prize Committee Member Professor Kenneth Hagan wrote of Ms Foxhall’s book:

Katherine Foxhall’s book cause[s] the reader emotionally to enter her poignantly depicted world of suffering souls making the seemingly endless sea journey from England and Ireland to Australia in the latter days of the age of sail. She has been able to paint her vivid verbal portrait by meticulously examining and digesting the hitherto largely ignored reports of surgeons who made the voyage charged with maintaining the health of free emigrants and convicts destined for a new life Down Under. It was a six-month’s travail of extreme hardship, seemingly endless deprivation and always-looming danger of death from disease. These surgeons were compelled to submit a report to the government upon reaching Australia if they wished to be paid for their services on the ship. Theirs are the reports that Katherine Foxhall has mined with the eye of a compassionate humanitarian poet living in the relatively antiseptic western world of the 21st century.

The Award consists of a $500 monetary award and a certificate.

Authors of books covering the history of maritime medicine wishing to be considered for the 2018 Award should submit a review copy of their publication to our Executive Director:

Captain Thomas L Snyder, MC, USN (Ret.)

131 El Camino Real

Vallejo CA  94590

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