4th Meeting and Papers Session

Society Mounts Successful Panel at 116th Annual AMSUS Meeting

The Society made history both for itself and for AMSUS in mounting the first-ever history panel. It was a propitious event that occurred in a year when the Navy Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Adam Robinson, held the AMSUS Presidency. Admiral Robinson briefly visited the session and, in a five minute talk, expressed his support for such historical endeavors. He emphasized the notion that the study of our past offers a guide to our future.

Three excellent papers were given at the Panel:

Steven Oreck, MA, MD: “The Development of Navy-Marine Corps Medical Doctrine for Amphibious Warfare”. Steve, a retired Naval medical officer who worked extensively with the Marine Corps, and a retired Professor of Orthopedics at the University of Wisconsin, just completed his MA in History there, and is embarking upon his PhD work. His paper came from his graduate thesis work.

Daniel Grabo, MD: “Samuel D Gross: from Operating Room to Battlefield Surgeon”, an overview of combat surgery in the American Civil War. Dr Grabo, a Navy Lieutenant Commander, recently served as ship’s surgeon aboard USS Enterprise (CVN 65). In June, Dan just commenced a fellowhip in Trauma / Critical Care at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ludwig M Deppisch, MD: “The Medical Care of First Ladies Ida McKinley, Ellen Wilson and Grace Coolidge”. Lud is author of the acclaimed book “The White House Physician: A History from Washington to George W Bush”. Lud a retired Professor of Pathology, now resides in Tucson.

Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Command Historian offered incisive and insightful Commentary.

In all about thirty five people attended the session.


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